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Updated Visual Identity

With the 50 Year Anniversary Celebration and launch of the e-commerce platform, the Holmen Herr’s visual identity and collateral were in need of a facelift. My task was to modernize and provide a fresh and enduring enhancement to the Holmens Herr brand, both in terms of awareness and perception, while staying true to the well-established message and core values.

By replacing the grey color in the emblem, the logo became even more visible. Also, to set the tone and impression the secondary font was replaced. The quality of paper for the collateral was carefully chosen, for a more luxurious look.

Guidelines & Layouts

I have designed and created the brand’s recognizable look and feel as well as established visual brand guidelines and advertising layouts for both print and digital usage.

Holmens Herr is a company that advertises across multiple platforms both in outdoor media and fashion magazines. Therefore, it is important to have a uniform visual presentation to create a strong impression with a high recognition factor.

Holmens Herr

A retailer for high quality menswear

Family owned since 1964, Holmens Herrekipering has been established as one of Sweden’s top retailers for high quality menswear. Well-stocked with the most classic fashion pieces as well as today’s sought-after famous brands. Each shop supplies a wide selection of quality clothing with brands such as Hugo Boss, Acne Studios, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Gant, Replay and Nudie Jeans.